ADVANCE Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series 2014-2015

Dr. JoAnn Moody, Facilitating the Diversity Recruiting, Hiring, Mentoring and Retention Workshops

Dr. JoAnn Moody, Faculty Development and Diversity Consultant, visited UWF on January 29-30, hosted by Dr. Kristina Bauer (Psychology)

  • Diversity Recruiting, Hiring, Mentoring, and Retention Workshops
    • Day One - January 29, 2015
      • Diversity Recruitment and Retention Dean and Chair Workshops: Aimed to provide deans, chairs, and allies with information and hands-on practice that will help them engage in best practices with respect to diversity recruitment, retention and mentoring. 
      • Diversity Recruitment and Retention Human Resources Workshop: Aimed to explore HR's involvement with faculty search committees and with compliance rules to be monitored. 
    • Day Two - January 30, 2015
      • Diversity Recruitment and Retention Chair Workshop: Same as Day One
      • Train the Trainer Workshop on Preparing Faculty Search Committees: Dr. Moody supplied intensive coaching, real-time practice and other helpful materials related to helping future search committees engage in best practices in diversity recruitment and hiring. 
      • Meeting with ADVANCE team and STRIDE Task Force: Wrapped up and worked on a faculty recruitment toolkit

Diversity Recruiting, Hiring, Mentoring, and Retention Flyer


Dr. Jane Tucker, Consultant, COACh Program, University of Oregon, visited UWF on March 5-6, hosted by Dr. Hui-Min Chung (Biology)

  • Effective Negotiation: A COACh Workshop for Women Faculty
    • Two Days of interactive works that focused on the importance of negotiation, successful negotiation techniques and styles, techniques for handling
      difficult people and conversations, as well as follow-up techniques‌

Effective Negotiation Flyer