ADVANCE Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series 2012-2013

Pictured from left to right: Dr. Mary Silver, ADVANCE Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Dr. Rosemary Hays-Thomas, Co-Investigator, ADVANCE Scholars, Dr. Pamela Vaughan, Dr. Sikha Bagui, Dr. Ashley Stripling, Dr. Bhuvana Ramachandran, Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Dr. Jane Caffrey, Dr. Claudia Stanny, and Allison Kolick, ADVANCE Graduate Assistant

One of our ADVANCE Scholars, Dr. Karen Molek, Department of Chemistry hosted Dr. Kimberley Frederick, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Skidmore College. She was on campus April 18th and 19th. As part of her Visiting Scholar activities, Dr. Frederick met informally with ADVANCE Scholars on Thursday, April 18 and gave a public lecture the same day. The lecture was entitled "Lab on a Chip: using Plastic Diagnostic Chips to Improve Health Care". Thanks to Dr. Frederick for meeting with Scholars and presenting her research. Thank you to Dr. Molek for hosting Dr. Frederick!

Another one of our very own ADVANCE Scholars, Dr. Jane Caffrey, Center for Environmental Diagnostics and Bioremediation, invited Dr. Mary Silver, emeritus professor of biological oceanography at UCSC to visit UWF in the Fall of 2012. As part of her Visiting Scholar activities, Dr. Silver held an open forum with the ADVANCE Scholars on Thursday, October 18. She also gave a public lecture on Friday, October 19. The lecture title was "Natural Toxins in the Sea: Ancient Hazards for Humans". Thank you to Dr. Silver for taking the time to meet with the Scholars as well as present research and share experiences with faculty and students at UWF! Also, thank you to Dr. Caffrey for hosting Dr. Silver!

Scholars Coffee Hour with Dr. Mary Silver, ADVANCE Distinguished Visiting Scholar

Dr. Silver's information: 

Dr. Silver has been responsible for fundamentally changing our understanding of several key aspects of biological oceanography, including the study of marine snow, aggregates of macroscopic particulate matter originating from living organisms and the development of molecular techniques to study marine phytoplankton. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Silver's research has focused on harmful algal blooms, particularly on the bioaccumulation of toxins in food chains and the implications for human health. Below, you will find a link to an article Dr. Silver wrote for Scientific American.

Dr. Silver's article- Protecting Ourselves from Shellfish Poisoning