Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the UWF Interactive Map Application

What special features does the Campus Map have?

The UWF Campus Map is a UWF-specific Google Map. The map carries most features found in Google Maps, however, it offers more information specific to the UWF campus. The map can show the locations of all buildings, parking lots, emergency phones, and handicap parking located on campus.

How do I find a specific building or organization?

Finding a specific building or organization located on campus is simple. Use the search box to search by building name, building number, organization, or keywords. If the location exists, it will be marked on the map with a red marker.

How do I view more information about a specific building?

When the building is marked on the map, new options will become available. Clicking on the name of the building will pull up the Feature side bar that contains additional information on the building such as organizations located in the building, a description of the building, floor plans (internal UWF only), and the nearest parking lots.

How do I get directions to a building or location on the map?

Once a location is marked on the map, a "Get Directions" option will become available. Clicking this option will pull up the Get Directions side bar. Here you can enter an origin location to obtain directions to the specified building.

How can I print the directions?

Directions can be printed via the Google Maps export button located next to the direction steps on the Get Directions side bar.

How can I print the map?

The map can be printed by clicking on "More" at the top of the page and selecting "Print Map."

How do I clear pins from the map?

Easy! Just click the "Clear Pins" button located on the right of the map.

Can I use Google Street View in the new Campus Map?

Yes! Just grab the little orange man and drop him anywhere along a main street (Campus Drive works best). Within Street View, you can use the same controls that work with map overview to pan and zoom. One should note that the satellite images that make up Google Street View may not be 100% up-to-date. If you have the ability to maneuver Google’s satellites, let us know!

Where can I get a physical copy of the UWF campus map?

Paper maps are available at the Welcome Center (Building 81) or the Service Desk located in the University Commons (Building 22).

Who can I contact if I have a question/comment/concern regarding the map?


 Software Engineering Students

Matthew Valdez
Matthew Valdez

Matthew Valdez

Performed corrective and perfective maintenance to the Campus Map project which moved it to alpha phase. 

Breanna Garrett

Optimized the Campus Map, re-designed map user interface with alpha feedback, and implemented the UWF branding scheme moving the project to beta deployment.


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