UWF 2012-2017 Strategic Plan

On June 14, 2012, the University of West Florida (UWF) Board of Trustees adopted an updated Strategic Plan for 2012-2017 aligned with UWF's mission, as well as with the Board of Governors' Strategic Plan for the State University System of Florida. Between 2010 and 2012, UWF engaged in a range of activities to better understand the national, state and regional conditions that have an impact on the University's work and future.

Strategic Plan - Portrait

To view the Strategic Plan, visit UWF's Strategic Plan.

Student Success

UWF’s core commitment is to students and their success. Student success begins with student access to and choice of the University; includes purposeful curricular and co-curricular support for timely progression and achievement; and results in alumni who are empowered to live successfully and contribute responsibly and creatively to a complex, multicultural world.

  • Priority 1.1: Foster student learning and development to include the knowledge, skills and dispositions that optimize students' prospects for personal and professional success.
  • Priority 1.2: Facilitate students' access to and choice of the University of West Florida to meet their higher education needs.
  • Priority 1.3: Improve student persistence and timely progression to degree attainment.

Teaching and Research

UWF is committed to delivering an optimal mix of high-quality programs to meet regional and state needs. UWF will build on its strengths through strategic planning and investment in innovative instruction, high-quality faculty and relevant scholarship to move academic and research programs to greater levels of quality, relevance and distinction.

  • Priority 2.1: Respond to the changing needs of the region, state and nation by investing strategically to support innovative instruction and high-quality, relevant and distinctive academic and research programs.
  • Priority 2.2: Recruit, support, retain and recognize dedicated, high-quality faculty who advance the mission, vision and values of the University.
  • Priority 2.3: Build a vibrant culture of scholarship and research that aligns with UWF' strengths and capacities and supports UWF's mission, vision and values.


UWF is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the citizens and communities the University serves through community service and engagement. UWF will establish mutually beneficial, productive and sustainable relationships and networks with alumni and other partners to advance educational, cultural and economic development.

  • Priority 3.1: Develop, cultivate, assess and sustain a network of mutually beneficial community partnerships.
  • Priority 3.2: Advance the economy and quality of life in the region through partnerships with the citizens, businesses, organizations and communities UWF serves.
  • Priority 3.3: Expand community awareness, visibility and support of UWF through its mutually beneficial partnerships.

Culture of Excellence

UWF is committed to maintaining excellent support services and efficient operations provided by high-quality, dedicated staff, revitalizing and expanding its physical and fiscal infrastructure to support the attainment of institutional priorities and accounting for the use of funds in a manner that advances the mission, vision and values of the University.

  • Priority 4.1: Support and sustain the high-quality services and infrastructure needed to achieve identified UWF priorities.
  • Priority 4.2: Recruit, develop, retain and recognize dedicated, high-quality staff members who advance the mission, vision and values of the University.
  • Priority 4.3: Maximize the acquisition and deployment of resources, and strategically align and integrate planning, budgeting, assessment and continuous improvement efforts.
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