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Program to Department Crosswalk 2/1/2015 
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Program 1 Program Name CIP Cost Department Ctrl Department Col
D-CUR-EDD-06 C&I Administrative Studies 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
D-CUR-EDD-07 C&I Curriculum Studies 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
D-CUR-EDD-08 C&I Instructional Tech OL 130301 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
D-CUR-EDD-09 C&I Physical Education 130301 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
D-CUR-EDD-0P C&I PENDING 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
D-CUR-EDD-10 C&I Science & Social Sciences 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
D-CUR-EDD-11 C&I Teacher Education 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
D-CUR-EDD-18 C&I Diversity Studies 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
D-CUR-EDD-19 C&I Higher Education 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
D-CUR-EDD-20 C&I Curriculum Studies 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Professional Studies, Dean COPS
M-ACC-MACC01 Professional Accountancy 520301 Accounting & Finance N/A
M-ACC-MACC02 Taxation 520301 Accounting & Finance N/A
M-ACC-MACC04 Master of Accountancy 520301 Accounting & Finance N/A
M-ADM-MSA-01 MSA-Acquisit & Ctrct Admin OL 520206 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-ADM-MSA-02 MSA-Health Care Admin OL 520206 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-ADM-MSA-03 MSA-Human Performance Tech OL 520206 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-ADM-MSA-04 MSA-Public Administration OL 520206 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-ADM-MSA-05 MSA-Software Engineer Admin OL 520206 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-ADM-MSA-06 MSA-Database Administration OL 520206 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-ADM-MSA-07 MSA-Leadership OL 520206 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-ADM-MSA-08 Criminal Justice Admin 520206 Criminal Justice Criminal Justice COPS
M-ADM-MSA-09 Educational Leadership OL 520206 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
M-ADM-MSA-10 Biomedical / Pharmaceutical 520206 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
M-ADM-MSA-11 MSA-Geographic Info Science OL 520206 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
M-ADM-MSA-13 MSA- Cyber Security 520206 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-ANT-MA-00 Anthropology 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
M-ANT-MA-05 Historical Archaeology 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
M-BLY-MS-00 Biology 260101 Biology Biology CAS
M-BLY-MS-03 Biology-Coastal Zone Studies 260101 Biology Biology CAS
M-BLY-MS-04 Environmental Biology 260101 Biology Biology CAS
M-BUM-MBA-01 Master of Business Admin 520201 MBA Office N/A
M-CMH-MS-01 Hlth Promo & Worksite Wellness 511504 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-CMH-MS-02 Psycho-Social 511504 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-CMH-MS-03 Aging Studies 511504 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-COL-MED-00 College Student Affairs Admin 131102 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
M-COL-MED-01 College Student Affairs Admin 131102 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
M-COM-MA-05 Communication / Strategic Comm 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
M-COM-MA-08 Communication Leadership 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
M-CPS-MS-00 Comp Sci - Computer Science 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-CPS-MS-02 Comp Sci - Database Systems OL 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-CPS-MS-03 Comp Sci -Software Engineer OL 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
M-CRJ-MS-00 Criminal Justice 430104 Criminal Justice Criminal Justice COPS
M-CUR-MED-01 C&I Elem Comprehensive OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-02 C&I Mid Lvl Comprehensive OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-03 C&I - Primary Comprehensive OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-04 C&I - Sec Comprehensive OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-05 C&I / ESOL Comprehensive 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-12 C&I Primary Education 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-14 C&I Guidance & Counseling 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-15 C&I Reading Endorsement 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-16 C&I Education Professional OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-CUR-MED-17 C&I Reading Instruction OL 130301 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-EDL-MED-01 Educ Leadership Cert OL 130401 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-EDL-MED-02 Educ Ldshp - ETMS OL 130401 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-EDL-MED-03 Ed Ldshp - ETMS / IT OL 130401 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-EDL-MED-04 Ed Ldshp - ETMS / HPT OL 130401 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-EDL-MED-05 Ed Ldrshp Comprehensive Prgm 130401 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-ENG-MA-02 English - Creative Writing 230101 English and World Languages English & World Languages CAS
M-ENG-MA-03 English - Literature 230101 English and World Languages English & World Languages CAS
M-ENV-MS-00 Environmental Science 030104 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
M-ESE-MA-03 Excep Stu - Comprehensive OL 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-ESE-MA-04 ES Varying Exceptionalities 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-HIS-MA-00 History 540101 History History CAS
M-HIS-MA-02 History - History Preservation 540101 History History CAS
M-HIS-MA-03 History - Public History 540101 History History CAS
M-HIS-MA-05 History - Military History 540101 History History CAS
M-HIS-MA-06 History - Early American St 540101 History History CAS
M-HLE-MS-01 HLES - Exercise Science 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-HLE-MS-02 HLES - Physical Education 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
M-IHU-MA-00 Interdisciplinary Humanities 240103 CAS - Unassigned Arts & Sciences, Dean CAS
M-INS-MED-00 Instructional Tech OL 130501 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
M-MAT-MS-01 Mathematical Sciences 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
M-MAT-MS-02 Mathematical Sciences OL 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
M-NUR-MSN-03 Nursing Ldshp & Mgmt OL 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
M-NUR-MSN-04 Nursing Education OL 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
M-POL-MA-00 Political Science 451001 Government Government CAS
M-POL-MA-01 Political Science OL 451001 Government Government CAS
M-POL-MA-02 Political Science-Public Admin 451001 Government Government CAS
M-POL-MA-03 Political Sci-Security & Diplo 451001 Government Government CAS
M-PSY-MA-01 Psych - Applied Experimental 420101 Psychology Psychology CAS
M-PSY-MA-02 Psychology - Counseling Psych 420101 Psychology Psychology CAS
M-PSY-MA-03 Psych Industrial-Organization 420101 Psychology Psychology CAS
M-PSY-MA-04 Psychology - Lic Mental Hlth 420101 Psychology Psychology CAS
M-PUB-MPH-00 Public Health OL 512201 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
M-REA-MED-00 Reading Education OL 131315 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
M-SOW-MSW-00 Social Work 440701 Social Work Social Work COPS
M-SOW-MSW-05 Social Work - Adv Standing 440701 Social Work Social Work COPS
S-CUR-EDS-00 C&I - Ed Specialist 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
S-CUR-EDS-0P ED.S C&I - Pending 130301 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
S-EDL-EDS-00 Ed Ldship - Ed Specialist 130401 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
S-EDL-EDS-0P Ed Ldship-Ed Ldshp-Pending 130401 Research and Advanced Studies Research and Advanced Studies COPS
U-ACC-BSBA01 Professional Accountancy 520301 Accounting & Finance N/A
U-ANT-BA-01 Anthropology - General 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-ANT-BA-02 Anthropology - Archaeology 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-ANT-BA-03 Anthropology - Biological 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-ANT-BA-04 Anthropology - Cultural 450201 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-ART-BA-01 Art - Graphic Design 500701 Art Art CAS
U-ART-BA-02 Art - History 500701 Art Art CAS
U-ART-BA-03 Art - Studio Art 500701 Art Art CAS
U-ART-BA-04 Art - Art Education 500701 Art Art CAS
U-ATH-BS-00 Athletic Training Ed Prgm 510913 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-ATH-BS-0P Athletic Train-ED Prgm Pending 510913 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-BLY-BS-00 Biology - General 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-01 Biology - Preprofessional 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-02 Biology - PreMed - COOP 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-05 Biology-Ecology & Evolutionary 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-06 Biology - Microbiology 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-07 Biology - Molecular Biololgy 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BLY-BS-0P BLY / Premed Coop / Pending 260101 Biology Biology CAS
U-BUM-BSBA00 Bus Admin Management 520201 Management & MIS N/A
U-BUS-BSBA00 General Business 520101 Management & MIS N/A
U-CHM-BA-00 Chemistry (BA) 400501 Chemistry Chemistry CAS
U-CHM-BA-01 Chemistry - Biochemistry (BA) 400501 Chemistry Chemistry CAS
U-CHM-BS-00 Chemistry (BS) 400501 Chemistry Chemistry CAS
U-CHM-BS-01 Chemistry - Biochemistry (BS) 400501 Chemistry Chemistry CAS
U-CLN-BS-00 Clinical Laboratory Sciences 511005 Clinical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Lab Sciences CAS
U-CLN-BS-0P Clinical Lab Sci - Pending 511005 Clinical Laboratory Sciences Clinical Lab Sciences CAS
U-CMH-BS-00 Community Health Ed 511504 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-COM-BA-00 Comm Arts - Communication 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-01 Comm Arts -PR&Adv- Advertising 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-02 Comm Arts - Journalism 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-03 Com Arts- PR& Adv-Public Relat 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-04 Comm Arts - Television & Film 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-07 Comm Arts - Undeclared 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-COM-BA-09 Comm Arts - Organization Comm 090102 Communication Arts Communication Arts CAS
U-CPE-BSCE00 Computer Engineering 140901 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-CPE-BSCE03 Computer Engineering 140901 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-CPE-BSCE0P Pre Computer Engin - UWF 140901 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-CPE-BSCE10 Computer Engineering - UWF/UF 140901 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-CPS-BS-00 Comp Sci - Computer Science 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-CPS-BS-01 Comp Sci - Comp Info Systems 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-CPS-BS-03 Comp Sci-Software Engineering 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-CPS-BS-04 Comp Sci-Cybersecurity 110101 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-CRJ-BA-00 Criminal Justice 430104 Criminal Justice Criminal Justice COPS
U-CRJ-BA-03 Accel Crim Justice BA to MS 430104 Criminal Justice Criminal Justice COPS
U-CTE-BS-00 Workforce & Prgm Studies OL 131320 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-CTE-BS-01 Career & Technical Voc Tch Ed 131320 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-CTE-BS-02 Career & Tech Voc Prgm Dev 131320 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-ECO-BA-00 Economics (BA) 450601 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-ECO-BSBA01 Economics - Comprehensive Econ 520601 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-ECO-BSBA02 Economics - Global Economics 520601 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-EEG-BSEE00 Electrical Engineering 141001 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-EEG-BSEE01 Electrical Engineering--UWF/UF 141001 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-EEG-BSEE02 Electrical Engineering 141001 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-EEG-BSEE0P Pre Electrical Eng - UWF 141001 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-EGE-BS-03 Engineering Tech--Construction 150000 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-EGE-BS-04 Engineering Tech - Electrical 150000 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-EGT-BS-01 ET - Building Construction 150000 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-EGT-BS-02 Engi Tech - Info Engi OL 150000 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-ELE-BA-01 Elem Ed - ESOL - Reading 131202 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ELE-BA-02 Elem Ed / Education Studies 131202 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ELE-BA-03 Elementary Ed / ESOL 131202 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ELE-BA-0P Elementary Ed - Pending 131202 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ENG-BA-01 English - Liberal Arts 230101 English and World Languages English & World Languages CAS
U-ENG-BA-02 English - Writing 230101 English and World Languages English & World Languages CAS
U-ENV-BS-01 Environ Science - Environ Mgmt 030104 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-ENV-BS-02 Environ Studies - Natural Sci 030104 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-ENV-BS-03 Environ Science - Geography 030104 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-ENV-BS-04 Environ Science - Env Policy 030104 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-ESE-BA-01 ESE - Elem - ESOL - Reading OL 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ESE-BA-02 ESE - Education Studies OL 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ESE-BA-05 ESE - ESOL 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ESE-BA-07 ESE - Educ Studies 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-ESE-BA-0P ESE-Elem Ed - ESOL Pending OL 131001 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-FAR-BFA-00 Fine Arts 500702 Art Art CAS
U-FAR-BFA-0P Fine Arts - Pending 500702 Art Art CAS
U-FAR-BFA-10 BFA - Digital Art 500702 Art Art CAS
U-FAR-BFA-11 Art - Graphic Design 500702 Art Art CAS
U-FAR-BFA-1P Art - Digital Art - Pending 500702 Art Art CAS
U-FIN-BSBA00 Business - Admin - Finance 520801 Accounting & Finance N/A
U-GEN-AA-00 Associate of Arts 240101 CAS - Unassigned Arts & Sciences, Dean CAS
U-HIS-BA-00 History 540101 History History CAS
U-HIS-BA-01 History - Pre - Law 540101 History History CAS
U-HIS-BA-03 History - Public History 540101 History History CAS
U-HIS-BA-04 History - European Studies 540101 History History CAS
U-HLE-BS-01 HLES - Exercise Science 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-02 HLES - Physical Education 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-03 HLES - Phys Ed Teacher Ed 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-04 HLES - Sport Management 310501 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-HLE-BS-06 HLES-Parks, Rec & Lei Fac Mgmt 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-0P HLES - PE Teach-Pending 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-10 HLES - Athletic Training 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HLE-BS-1P HLES-Athletic Training-Pending 310501 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HOS-BS-00 HRRM - Hosp Rec Resort Mgmt 520901 Hospitality, Rec & Resort Mgmt Hospitality, Rec & Resort Mgmt COPS
U-HOS-BS-01 HRRM - Hosp, Resort, Spa Mgmt 520901 Exercise Sci & Community Hlth Exercise Sci & Community Hlth CAS
U-HTH-BS-00 Health Science - Aging Studies 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-01 Health Science-Allied Hlth OL 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-02 Health Sciences-Communication 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-03 Hlth Sci - Hlth Care Adm OL 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-04 Hlth Sci - Hlth Care Ethics 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-05 Hlth Sci - Med Info Tech OL 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-06 Health Science-Professional OL 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-07 Health Sciences-Psych of Hlth 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-08 Hlth Sci - Public Health OL 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-HTH-BS-09 Health Sciences 510000 Allied Health & Life Sciences Allied Health & Life Sciences CAS
U-IHU-BA-00 Interdisciplinary Humanities 240103 CAS - Unassigned Arts & Sciences, Dean CAS
U-IHU-BA-01 IH - Arts Administration 240103 Theatre Theatre CAS
U-IHU-BA-02 IH - Women & Gender Studies 240103 Psychology Psychology CAS
U-IHU-BA-03 IH - Philosophy & Politics 240103 Government Government CAS
U-INF-BS-01 IT - Digital Enterprise 110103 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-INF-BS-02 IT - Networking & Telecom OL 110103 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-INF-BS-03 IT - Information Tech 110103 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-INF-BS-04 IT - Bioinformation 110103 Biology Biology CAS
U-INF-BS-05 IT - Computer Technology 110103 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-INF-BS-06 IT - Digital Media 110103 Art Art CAS
U-INF-BS-07 IT - Human-Computer Interact 110103 Computer Science Computer Science CAS
U-INF-BS-08 IT Networking & Telecom OL 110103 Applied Science, Tech & Admin Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-INT-BA-00 International Studies 450901 Government Government CAS
U-ISC-BS-01 IS - Pre-Pharmacy 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISC-BS-02 IS - Zoo Science 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISC-BS-03 IS - Biology/Computer Science 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISC-BS-04 IS - Biology / Mathematics 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISC-BS-05 IS Biology / Environ Studies 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISC-BS-0P IS - Undeclared 300101 Biology Biology CAS
U-ISS-BA-00 ISS - Special 450101 CAS - Unassigned Arts & Sciences, Dean CAS
U-ISS-BA-01 ISS - Child & Society 450101 Criminal Justice Criminal Justice COPS
U-ISS-BA-02 ISS - Diversity Studies 450101 Psychology Psychology CAS
U-ISS-BA-04 ISS - Nature & Society 450101 Philosophy Philosophy CAS
U-ISS-BS-05 ISS - Teaching & Learning 450101 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-LEG-BA-01 Legal Studies - Pre-Law 220302 Legal Studies Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-LEG-BA-02 Legal Studies - Professional 430104 Legal Studies Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-LEG-BA-04 Legal Studies 220302 Legal Studies Applied Science, Tech & Admin COPS
U-MAR-BSBA01 Market - Comprehensive Markt 521401 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-MAR-BSBA02 Market - Global Marketing 521401 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-MAR-BSBA03 Market - Sales Management 521401 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-MAR-BSBA04 Market-Supply Chain Logistics 521401 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-MAR-BSBA06 Market - E-Commerce Marketing 521401 Marketing & Economics N/A
U-MAT-BS-00 Mathematics 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
U-MAT-BS-03 Math-Computational & App Math 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
U-MAT-BS-04 Math-Financial Math & App Stat 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
U-MAT-BS-05 Math - Math in Teaching 270101 Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics & Statistics CAS
U-MBY-BS-00 Marine Biology 261302 Biology Biology CAS
U-MID-BA-01 Mid Sch - English / Math 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-02 Mid Sch - English / Science 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-03 Mid Sch-English/Social Studies 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-04 Mid Sch - Math / Science 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-05 Mid Sch - Math/Social Science 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-06 Mid Sch-Social Science/Science 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-07 Education Studies-Middle Level 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MID-BA-0P Mid Sch-Pending 131203 Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership Teacher Ed & Ed Leadership COPS
U-MIS-BSBA00 Bus Adm - Mgmt Info Systems 521201 Management & MIS N/A
U-MRT-BA-00 Maritime Studies 459999 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-MRT-BA-01 Maritime Studies OL 459999 Anthropology Anthropology CAS
U-MUE-BME-00 Bachelor of Music Education 131312 Music Music CAS
U-MUP-BM-00 Music Performance 500903 Music Music CAS
U-MUP-BM-02 Music Perf - Teaching 500903 Music Music CAS
U-MUP-BM-03 Music Perf-General, Jazz Stds 500903 Music Music CAS
U-MUP-BM-0P Music Perf - Pre-Audition 500903 Music Music CAS
U-NUR-BSN-01 Nursing - BSN 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
U-NUR-BSN-02 Nursing - RN to BSN OL 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
U-NUR-BSN-03 Nursing / RN to BSN 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
U-NUR-BSN-0P Nursing - Pre-BSN-Pending 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
U-NUR-BSN-1P Nursing Pre-RN-BSN-Pending 513801 Nursing Nursing CAS
U-OCN-BS-00 Oceanography OL 400607 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-OCN-BS-01 Ocean Sciences OL 400607 Environmental Studies Environmental Studies CAS
U-PEG-AA-01 AA Pre-Engineering 240101 Electrical & Computer Engineer Electrical & Computer Engineer CAS
U-PHI-BA-00 Philosophy 380101 Philosophy Philosophy CAS
U-PHI-BA-01 Philosophy / Religious Studies 380101 Philosophy Philosophy CAS
U-PHY-BS-00 Physics 400801 Physics Physics CAS
U-PHY-BS-01 Physics - Engineering 400801 Physics Physics CAS
U-PHY-BS-02 Physics-Computational Physics 400801 Physics Physics CAS
U-POL-BA-00 Political Science 451001 Government Government CAS
U-POL-BA-01 Political Science - Pre-Law 451001 Government Government CAS
U-PPH-AA-02 AA Pre-Pharmacy 240101 Biology Biology CAS
U-PSY-BA-00 Psychology 420101 Psychology Psychology CAS
U-SOW-BA-00 Social Work 440701 Social Work Social Work COPS
U-SOW-BSW-00 Social Work 440701 Social Work Social Work COPS
U-THE-BA-00 Theatre 500501 Theatre Theatre CAS
U-THE-BFA-01 Theatre / Musical Theatre 500501 Theatre Theatre CAS
U-UNDECIDED Undecided Unassigned Undeclared UNA
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