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An Account Manager and Business Manager must be designated for each Cardholder. The Manager must:

A PCard purchase must be for business purposes only and in full compliance with all State and UWF regulations, policies and procedures.

The Cardholder must provide the Manager sufficient documentary evidence of the business purpose of the purchase before the 14-day auto-post date. Such evidence must be provided in a form or terms easily understood by an internal or external reviewer.


Account/Business Managers (hereinafter referred to as Managers) are notified of pending PCard approvals by one of two ways:

  • Banner Notification
  • Automated Email Notification

Banner Notification

To view the Banner notification, you must first log into Banner Production.


Log into My UWF at https://my.uwf.edu/

  • Click on “Employee Resources” Folder
  • Click on "Banner Production"
  • Look on the right hand side of the screen under “My Links”.
  • If you have pending approvals, there will be a green check-mark to the right of “Check Banner Message”.
  • Click on "Check Banner Message", to open messages screen.

Banner Prod

  • See screenshot to right showing two pending messages.
  • The following steps “clear” messages for charges you are about to approve.
  • It is advisable to "clear"/clean out “General Messages” in Banner so you will be able to tell you have new pending charges. The message in “General Message” does not automatically go away when you approve a charge.
Ck Message
  • Select "Complete" for all messages by clicking in the circle to the left of "Complete".
  • Click "Save" icon.

Ck Message

  • Note message at bottom row of screen: "Transaction complete: 2 records applied and saved".
  • Click "X" to exit.

Ck Message

  • Notice green checkmark should now be gone.
Ck Message

Managers are sent automated email(s) notifying them that there is a pending charge to approve. The first email is sent when the charge posts to Banner and tells the Managers they have 14 days to approve the charge.

It is at this point that the Managers should first check (see Searching for Vendors) to see if the vendor has already been registered. If the vendor has not been registered, the Managers will enter the vendor at the PCard Vendor Registration Page (see Vendors Not In Banner).

The day before the auto-post date, a second automated email notice is sent out telling the Managers they have 1 day to approve the charge

Note: The Cardholder also receives the emails as a reminder to provide Managers the backup documentation.

Auto Email

Backup Documentation

Cardholders are required to provide Managers backup documentation for each PCard charge. Backup documentation includes:

  • Paper Receipt, Invoice, Packing List, or Replacement Form (if receipt was lost or unobtainable) - signed and dated; or
  • Electronic Receipt, Invoice, Email Order Confirmation forwarded to Manager (an email does not require written signature and date); and,

    NOTE: If the purpose for the purchase is not clear, cardholder must also provide a statement on either the paper or electronic receipt indicating the purpose of the purchase. Internal Auditing must be able to easily determine the business purpose of the purchase.

  • Banner Vendor ID or Vendor Name;
  • Vendor Address
  • Commodity Code
  • Account Code
  • Index Code

After an Account/Business Manager has been notified they have PCard charges pending approval, they will:

  • Pull the PCard charge backup documentation provided by the Cardholder.
    • If the Managers have not been given any backup documentation for the PCard charge, they will contact the Cardholder and request the backup documentation. NOTE: Transactions are to be approved with or without a receipt before the 14 day auto-post feed date.  Transactions cannot be disapproved or put on hold.

Before keying the PCard charge information into Banner, you must have the following information, which should have been provided by the Cardholder (see Backup Documentation)

  • Vendor’s Banner ID
  • Commodity Code
  • Account Code
  • Index Code

Four (4) required fields must be completed and/or updated in FAAINVT:

  • Vendor Banner ID - This field will be blank. You MUST enter the vendor's Banner ID. If you do not enter the Banner ID, it will be an audit finding.
  • Index Code - This field will be populated with a default Index Code. Change is required only if you are changing the funding source.
  • Commodity Code - This field will be blank. You MUST enter the applicable Commodity Code. If you do not enter a Commodity Code, it will be an audit finding
  • Account Code - This field will be populated with 70354. You MUST change it to the Account Code associated with the correct Commodity Code.  If you do not change the Account Code, it will be an audit finding.


Banner Production Main Menu

After the Managers receive the backup documentation, or before the 14-day period is up, they will Log into Banner Production.

Log into My UWF at https://my.uwf.edu/

  • Click on “Employee Resources” Folder
  • Click on "Banner Production"
  • In the “Go To” field, type FAAINVT
  • Press Enter on keyboard
  • Enter your username in either the “Account Manager” ID field, or the “Business Manager” ID field – whichever applies.
  • Click “Next Block”.
  • See "1st Block" - The cardholder’s data automatically populates. If there are charges pending for more than one Cardholder, the scrollbar on the right will be “scrollable”. If this is the only Cardholder who has charges pending, the scroll bar will appear “full” and you will not be able to scroll up or down.
  • Click “Next Block”.
  • Verify that the “Transaction Amount” matches the amount on the Receipt or Replacement Receipt.
  • If the amount does not match, the Vendor needs to be contacted to resolve the discrepancy.
    • Request that the vendor issue a credit if applicable.
  • On the right side of the "2nd Block", scroll for additional pending charges for more than one cardholder. If there are no other pending charges for that Cardholder, the scroll bar will appear “full” and you will not be able to scroll up or down.
  • Notice the “Vendor” field is empty, and there is a name in the field to the right of the blank “Vendor” field.
  • Enter the vendor’s Banner ID Number in the “Vendor” field.
    • If you have NOT been provided the vendor’s Banner ID, click “Search” icon to the right of “Vendor” field and see “Searching for Vendors in Banner” section.
  • Press tab on the keyboard to populate the vendor information (“Address Type”, “Sequence”, “Street Lines”, “City”, “State or Province”, ZIP or Postal Code”, “Nation”, etc.)
  • If the vendor's address is not correct, and you have the correct "Address Type" and "Sequence", you can enter them in those fields.
  • To search for the correct "Address Type" and "Sequence", click the "Search" icon (down-arrow) to the right of each of those fields and choose the correct address.
  • Review the vendor’s name and address.
  • If the vendor’s name and/or address are incorrect, click applicable “Search” icon (down-arrow) to the right of that field and repeat steps above.
  • If vendor name and address are correct, click “Next Block”
  • Notice in "3rd Block", the “Commodity” field is blank.
  • Type the applicable Commodity Code (should have been submitted by the Cardholder as part of their backup) in the “Commodity” field.
  • Click Tab and the Commodity Code Description will default into the field to the right.
  • If the Cardholder did not provide the Commodity Code, see “Commodity and Account Code” section.
  • Click “Next Block”.
  • The amount in the “Amount or Percent” field should correspond to the “Transaction” amount in the “2nd Block”.
PCard Apprvl
  • In the “Index” field, enter the Index Code. NOTE: If you are not changing the default Index, you do not have to do anything.
  • Press “Tab” on the keyboard.
  • “Fund” and “Prog” fields automatically populate (do not edit). NOTE: If “Fund/Orgn” is correct, there is no need to insert an index code.
  • Press “Tab” on the keyboard.
  • “Acct” field will always be populated with 70354. DO NOT leave 70354 as the Account Code. If 70354 is not deleted and replaced with the correct account code, this will become an unclassified charge; therefore, resulting in an audit finding.
  • Type the applicable Account Code in the “Acct” field. See “Commodity/Account Code” section
    • Correctly key all accounting information to avoid errors and a journal entry. A journal entry will only partially correct the error.
  • Click “Save”.


NOTE:  The processed charge will remain on your screen with the updates and changes you made until the 14-day auto-post feed date.

  • If there are no additional Cardholder’s charges and all transactions are processed and saved, click “Exit” at right side of “icon toolbar”.
  • To proceed to an additional Cardholder, click “Next Block”
  • Click “Record” located at the top of page in the Task Bar (directly above “Next Block” icon)
  • Select “Next” to proceed to the next cardholder.
  • Proceed with the same steps used for the previous transaction.
  • Click “Exit” when all transactions for all cardholders are processed and saved.



To open the Commodity Code Report from Information Navigator:

  • Log into My UWF .
  • Click "Employee Resources" Folder.
  • Scroll down and click Information Navigator.


  • Click on “show all” at top of page.
  • Click the “search” icon to the right of the “Office of Record” field.
  • Select “Procurement and Contracts” as Office of Record..
Commodity Code
  • Scroll down to Report “PROC000035”.
  • Click “Add to Favorites” in far right column.


Commodity Code
  • Click “My Home” at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll to “PROC000035”
  • Click on “PROC000035” Commodity and Account Code.
  • Click on View Report.
  • Press “Ctrl” and then “F” on keyboard to open the “Find” menu.
  • Type the commodity description that you are looking for in the “Find” field.
  • Click “Next”.
  • The requested Commodity Code and Account Code is displayed.
  • Continue to click “Next” to move to the next Commodity Code and Account Code matching the description you typed in.
  • Write down the Commodity Code and Account Code for approval of the PCard charge.
  • If the specific Commodity Code cannot be located, search again by entering a different keyword.
  • If a Commodity Code is unavailable, contact Dora English, denglish@uwf.edu, Ext 2630 for assistance,


Auto-Post Report: This report provides the Reviewer a list of all the charges that have not been approved by the Manager in Banner (FAAINVT) and the 14-day auto-post date the charges need to be approved by. Areas that need to be keyed in Banner are highlighted in yellow on this report. Check the Auto-Post Report daily to ensure the transaction is removed from the list when correctly approved.

Commodity and Account Code Report: This report provides the Reviewer the Commodity and Account codes needed for the approval of the PCard charge in Banner.

Activity Report:
This report provides the Reviewer a summary of the charges made by each Cardholder or by all the Cardholders between specific date ranges and also shows which fields were not appropriately filled in causing the charge to auto-post.

Posted Not Approved Charges:
This report provides the Reviewer a list of all the charges that have NOT been approved in Banner (FAAINVT) by the Managers and have posted to the General Ledger as an unclassified charge. This report is used by P&C and the Internal Auditors for tracking of unclassified charges. Unclassified charges will be considered infractions and an audit finding.

Reconciliation Report:
This report provides the Reviewer a list of all the charges that have been made per month. This report is to be used by the Cardholder’s assigned Reconciler to aid in the required reconciliation of monthly charges.

Cardholder Info: This report provides each Cardholder’s Single Transaction (Swipe) and Cycle Spend Limit, and the names of the Account and Business Managers.



PCard charges can be split between multiple Index Codes and can be split by either dollar amount or percentage.

To split a charge by dollar amount:

  • Type the first “Index” and “Acct Code” on the first row of "4th Block", per previous instructions.
  • Type the dollar amount in the “Amount or Percent” field.
  • Press the “Down Arrow” key on the keyboard to move to the next row.
  • Enter the Index and Acct Codes for the next split.
  • Continue adding Indexes by pressing the “Down Arrow” key to add as many splits as required.
  • Click the “Save” icon when complete.

NOTE: The total of the row amounts must be equal to the “Transaction Amount”.

To split a charge by a percentage of the total transaction amount:

  • For each row or Index, place a checkmark in the “Percent” checkbox.
  • Type the percentage to charge each Index in the “Amount or Percent” field.
  • Click “Save” icon when complete.
  • The “Amount or Percent” field will change to the dollar amount to charge each Index.

There are two methods of searching for Vendors:

When using Banner (FTIIDEN), you will not be able to see addresses. You will be able to see both active and terminated vendors. You will have to be careful you are not selecting a terminated vendor.

When using the “Banner Vendor Search/List” tool, you will not see any terminated vendors, active students, or active employees. You will see all active addresses for all active vendors.

Searching for Vendors in “Banner Vendor Search/List” Tool (VS/L)

“Banner Vendor Search/List” (https://nautical.uwf.edu/utility/vendor/banner/) (VS/L) tool is located on the “Go Shopping” Page.

The VS/L opens with the complete alpha listing of vendors beginning with the A’s.

You can perform a search by the vendor’s 9-digit FEID (Federal Employer ID) number or the vendor’s name.

  • Go to the "Go Shopping" page ("My UWF" - "Employee Resources Folder")
  • In the upper right hand corner of the page, click on "Banner Vendor Search/List".


To search using the vendor’s 9-digit FEID:
  • Type the 9-digit FEID in the “Vendor ID” field
  • Click “Search” button on right hand side of screen


  • Results
Vndr Srch Lst

To search in VS/L using the vendor’s name:

  • Type the vendor’s name in the “Vendor Name” field
  • Click “Search” button on right hand side of screen

You can also click on any letter on the “alpha row” at the top of the page and then scroll through all vendors in Banner beginning with that letter.

Searching For Vendors in Banner

Log into My UWF at https://my.uwf.edu/

  • Click on “Employee Resources” Folder
  • Click on "Banner Production"
  • In the Go To field, type FTIIDEN
  • Press “Enter” on the keyboard.
  • Notice the “checkmark” next to “Vendor” in the first block of information.
  • Click on the “checkmark” to deselect “Vendor”
  • Click on the same field to the left of “All” to select it.
  • Click “Next Block”.
  • Tab to “Last Name” field.
  • Enter vendor name using % sign before and after name (Art Institute of Chicago) - Example: %Art Institute%
  • Click “Execute Query” (or press “F8” on the keyboard).
  • If your query locates the vendor you need in Banner
    • Look at the “V” (Vendor) column to the right of “Change Ind” column.
    • It there is a T in the “V” column, it indicates that the vendor is terminated.
    • You cannot use terminated vendors.
    • Contact Procurement for assistance.
  • Click “X” (Exit) to return to Main Menu.
  • If you do not find the vendor, click the “Rollback” icon and repeat steps above, using different variations or parts of the vendor name. Example: %Institute%, “Chicago”, etc.
  • If your search does not find any records containing the words you searched by, it will be indicated in the message area at the bottom of the screen: “FRM-40301: Query caused no records to be retrieved.”
  • See “New Vendors Not in Banner” section.



New PCard vendors must be added to Banner for the Managers to process the PCard charge BEFORE the 14 day auto-post feed date. NOTE: The PCard Vendor does NOT have to be entered in Banner before the user places the order (or makes the charge) - only before the Manager approves the charge in FAAINVT. HINT: All PCard Vendors not already in Banner can be entered in the PCard Vendor Rregistration AFTER the first email is received notifying cardholders and managers that there is a charge pending approval.

The user no longer has to contact the PCard Vendor to request they go to the external Vendor Registration Page to register themselves.

Always search in Banner BEFORE entering a PCard Vendor at the internal PCard Vendor Registration page. The vendor may already exist in Banner.

New PCard vendors NOT already active in Banner are added as follows:

  • Cardholder or Manager goes to the internal online PCard Vendor Registration Page.
  • Click on the PCard Vendor icon.
  • The following information is needed to enter the PCard Vendor:
    • Cardholder’s Name (Required)
    • Amount of Purchase (Required)
    • Date of Transaction - Date the transaction goes thru Bank (Required)
    • Vendor’s Name (Required)
    • Vendor’s Address (Required)
    • Vendor’s Phone/Fax Numbers (if available)
    • Vendor’s Email Address (if available) - Very IMPORTANT if the PCard Vendor is foreign.