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Let’s Shine the Spotlight on the South

Did you know that ACHE South members have won the most prestigious award given by the organization two years in a row? Susan Elkins won the Leadership Award in 2015 and Rick Osborn won in 2016! ACHE South has always been well represented at International Conferences. This past year, Susan continued her winning streak when her and her team at Palmetto College were presented with the Credit Programming award. Read more...

Newly Elected

Congratulations to James Shamlee for being elected to the ACHE Executive Board as a Director at Large. James is the Program Coordinator for GoArmyEd POC at the University of Alabama.

South Wins!

ACHE holds a scholarship drive during every annual conference. These funds are designated to be used for the grants and scholarships awarded to ACHE members. This year's goal of $3500 was met at the last minute with a rousing round of donations during the final minutes of the last general session. As hands went up with $20 bills, the region giving the most money shifted from Great Plains to West to Mid-Atlantic, South and back to Great Plains. In the end, South would not accept a loss and stepped up to donate the most funds. As Chair, Patti Spaniola was pleased to accept the award on South's behalf. Win-Win for everyone!

Business Meeting Update

During the South Business meeting during the ACHE Annual Conference, the bylaws were updated and changed to increase the number of members at large from 2 to 3 and to add 2 new committees, Past Chairs Advisory Council and Web Content Committee.

South Leads at ACHE Annual Conference

Special mention to Amy Johnson, Lisa Graves, Marilyn Read, James Shamlee, Rick Osborn, Lisa Schmidt, Brian Van Horn, Betsy Cunningham, and Patti Spaniola for serving on the ACHE Annual Conference Planning Committee. Amy Johnson served as Conference Co-Chair, Lisa Graves and Marilyn Read as on-site logistics, James Shamlee led the Fun’Raising efforts, Rick Osborn co-chaired the Proposals & Program Committee, Lisa Schmidt chaired the Awards committee and assisted with the First Timers program, Brian Van Horn led the First Timers program, Betsy Cunningham was the technology guru, and Patti Spaniola served as webmaster for the conference website. Thank you to all for representing the South region in serving ACHE.