B.S. - Marine Biology

Bachelor's degree in Marine Biology

Students using a net in a tidal pool

The University of West Florida is one of only a few institutions in the U.S. that offers a degree in marine biology at the undergraduate level. Ideally located to study the marine environment, the main campus includes 300 acres of estuarine marshes and wetlands with an additional 150 acres located on Santa Rosa Island on the Gulf of Mexico which contains beach dune, salt marsh, tidal flat, and sea grass ecosystems.

The department maintains a variety of collection gear and a fleet of boats for sampling as well as an extensive array of laboratory and field instruments, computing equipment, and research facilities. Being located in the state of Florida you will have ample opportunities to participate in fields studies throughout the state.

Students in a river

Students have participated in oceanographic cruises in the Gulf of Mexico, studied reefs in the Florida Keys, and performed fieldwork in a variety of marine environments. (See our field classes pages for more information.) Whether as part of a class or through a special research project with a faculty member, students will gain hands on experience as well as insight into the life of a marine biologist.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to begin a career in a variety of fields, including environmental regulation, conservation, fisheries, aquaculture, or marine technology. Students who wish to continue their studies at the graduate level will find themselves highly qualified to study at the advanced level. See your advisor for more information before you sign up.

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